Thoughts on mobility data and privacy.

In 2021 I started working on my dissertation about privacy-preserving analytics of human mobility data. With this blog, I want to share interesting insights and useful implementations concerning mobility data and its privacy that I encounter along the way. I’m always happy about feedback, comments, or questions!

Recent blog posts

How is mobility data sensitive information?

Political opinions, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or health issues are typical examples of obvious sensitive information in the need of data protection. While human mobility data is also personal data, it is inherently complex and thus there are different aspects that can be considered sensitive. Is only the information about a person’s home and their…

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Privacy-preserving techniques and how they apply to mobility data

What does it actually mean to “anonymize” data? With this blog post, I want to give an overview of different established methods and how they apply to mobility data. (The survey of Fiore et al., 2020 has been a major source for this overview). First of all, it should be noted, that there is a…

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